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If you’ve recently received a bankruptcy discharge, you may find it difficult to locate a lender to finance a purchase you’d like to make. Due to your bruised credit situation, many traditional lenders may not approve your application for post-bankruptcy loans.

Fortunately, is here to get you the ideal after bankruptcy loans, so you can finance your next purchase! Whether you’re looking to fund your upcoming home renovations, or want to purchase a new RV, boat, snowmobile or any other type of leisure vehicle, our team can match you with a lender who can get you approved!

How Does Our Post-Bankruptcy Financing Work? has exclusive access to a network of lenders who specialize in financing for all types of credit scenarios, including after bankruptcy loans. Here’s how it works:

• Simply apply online using our convenient form, and provide us with basic details about the post-bankruptcy loan you’re looking for.
• We’ll submit your application to the most qualified lenders, and let you know if they have any minor conditions for you to fulfill so you can be fully approved.
• Next, you go ahead and make your purchase. Once complete, email or fax us your bill of sale and we will prepare the required documents and produce a bank draft to pay for your purchase.
• Finally, we’ll send you the paperwork for your signature, which you can sign immediately via Docusign. We then send these documents to your lender for review, then release payment directly to the company you’ve purchased from.

Have questions about our post-bankruptcy financing and loan options? Give a call today at 1-844-434-6922. Or, start your online application now and be on your way to getting a loan after bankruptcy discharge!