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Want to get your monthly payment comfortably within budget? More and more often, people like you are turning to extended term loans and financing to help them afford the leisure vehicle or product they want. Long term financing can make what you owe on a monthly basis more manageable, allowing you to pay off your purchase over a longer period of time without breaking the bank.

If you’re searching for long term loans with bad credit, WeLoanMoney.ca is here to help! Our long term financing experts can connect you with a lender who can offer extended term financing that meets your needs. Simply apply online today, and we’ll find you the ideal loan term to help you afford your recreational vehicle, motorcycle, trailer, home renovation, furniture or other major purchase, up to $25,000!

Why Choose WeLoanMoney.ca for Your Long Term Financing?

If you can buy it, we can finance it! Our team specializes in financing a wide range of products so you can purchase what you want according to the terms that are right for you. Whether you have good credit, bad credit, no credit, have recently been discharged from a bankruptcy or are involved in a consumer proposal, we can find you an extended term loan that meets your needs.

Our long term loan process is simple. Let us know how long you’d like your financing term to be, and we’ll work with you to select a lender that can meet your needs and we’ll secure an approval for you. Once a conditional approval is secured, you will provide any follow up information or details the lender requires. After everything is verified, you’ll sign off on all documents and our team will have a cheque ready for your new purchase!

To speak with WeLoanMoney.ca about our long term loan options, call us at 1-844-434-6922 today! We’re confident that we can find the extended financing options you’re looking for!