Boat Financing for Bad Credit

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Have you been yearning to spend your summer months on the lake? Or to take some time off to go south and go sailing? If a poor financial history or bad credit is stopping you from getting the boat loan you need, a solution does exist! At, we can work with you to get the bad credit boat loan you need no matter your financial situation. It is possible to get boat financing with bad credit so you can enjoy the watercraft you’ve always wanted.

Our team will help you finance the boat of your choosing, from speedboats to fishing boats, outboard motor boats, cruising, waterskiing boats and more. We can potentially loan you up to $25,000 so you can get whichever new or used boat you’re interested in.

Why Choose

Our boat financing for bad credit program is uniquely designed to help customers just like you get the boat you want regardless of your financial past. We believe that bad credit shouldn’t stand in the way of your goals of boat ownership, so we work with our extensive network of private lenders to match you with the best financing solution for your unique needs and individual credit situation.

One of the great benefits of working with such a wide selection of lenders means that we have a variety of other benefits that other boat financing companies can’t provide. This includes:

• Online, phone or fax applications
• Quick turnaround times
• No upfront fees
• Open-ended loans
• And much more!

If you require boat financing for your bad credit, has the services you need. For more information on boat loans, reach out to a member of our team and contact us today. If you’re ready to start an application, begin with our online application tool now!