How Our Process Works Canada-Wide!

Step 1. Apply

Applying has never been easier! You can get started directly from our facebook page or from our apply now page! First, we’ll ask you for a snippet of information to get started and then you will be presented with a standard loan application. We will then verify your information and ask again for your permission before we send it off to our lenders.

Step 2. The approval

After we have submitted your application to our lenders we receive a response within 24 hours. We relay that info on to you and convey any messages or conditions our lenders may have. After we fulfill these minor conditions we move on to the most exciting part!

Step 3. The purchase

Here we go! This is where you get to go and purchase your item. Once you negotiate the best deal fax us or email us a bill of sale and we will prepare all the documents and a bank draft to pay for your purchase.

Step 4. Signing the documents

Once all the paper work is ready, we will send you the documents for signature. Since we use Docusign this can be completed in minutes! As the last step we will send all the documents into the lender and have it reviewed. Once this is done (within 1 business day) we will mail a bank draft in the sellers name directly to you or the dealership. Where we send the payment is your choice, we’re comfortable when you are. That’s it, 4 easy steps!